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All projects are available as Epackets payable through PayPal: $14

(Unless Noted)

Each Epacket includes instructions, photos, line drawings and

patterns to print out.

Video Downloads/with Epacket Included are also available for the price noted next to the photograph.

All Class Designs are copyrighted and cannot be taught

without permission from Carol.  No design

can be placed on any surface or fabric to be sold. No

refunds or exchanges on VideoDownload/Epackets after

they have been sent unless it is my error.



DOT Blue Square Mandala - Beginner/All Skill Levels
Dot this easy Mandala on a 10" square canvas panel or surface of choice using acrylic paint. (NO VIDEO).
DOT Book Metallic Mandala - Beginner/All Skill Levels
This is a dotting design created on a black sketch book (size of choice) for all skill levels. Books available at craft stores, Walmart, etc. Dotting tools are DIY and nail dotters. (Conversion chart for crochet hooks and Mark's mandala Tools available: email $38 Video download and Epacket.
DOT Ebony and Ivory Mandala/All Skill Levels
Surface: 10 x 10 canvas panel or wood board or surface of choice. Recommended Dotting tools: DIY Dotting tools and 5 piece nail dotters, both available on Amazon. Conversion chart for crochet hooks and Marks Mandala tools .$45 includes video download/Epacket .
DOT Fall Metallic Colors Mandala/ Beginner
Surface: 4" terra cotta saucer or square surface.
DOT Holiday Mandala - Beginner/All Skill Levels
Festive 14" round wood mandala available on Amazon. We will be using DIY dotting tools and 5 piece stylus set shown on the front page of web site. (I have a conversion chart for crochet hooks and Mark's Mandala Tools". (there will be NO video. The Epacket $18 shows step by step instructions better than a video can). Only the $18 epacket is available not the live class
DOT Ornament January 2022
Dotting on any size ornament or surface of choice. Dotting tools required listed on Epacket, shown on front page of this website available on Amazon, or tools of choice. $28 includes Video/Epacket
DOT Round Mirror Mandala/ Beginner Friendly
Beginner Friendly Dotting Project using a Mirror and small diamond shaped mirrors available on Amazon. 12" round Wooden Surface. $14 for Epacket (THERE IS NO VIDEO FOR THIS PROJECT. )
DOT Snowflake Ornament
4" Round Wooden Ornament or surface of choice. $28 includes Video Download/Epacket
DOT Snowman Ornament
Large 8" ornament or round surface. Ornament from Pinecraft Inc. $3.50
Project is using DIY dotting tools or choice. $28 includes VideoDownload/Epacket .
Dot Spring Mandala/Beginner
Surface: 5 x 5 Canvas Board or surface of choice. $28 includes video/epacket.
DOT Swirl Coaster with Acrylic Paint - Beginner
Surface 4" wooden coasters or set from Hobby Lobby #1915727. Beginner using dotting tools listed on front page of web site. $28 includes a video download/epacket


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